Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 14: Let's Talk About Pens

Pens... there are so many! Some are free. Some are colorful. But, most of us, whether we admit it (or even know it) or not, have a "favorite" pen. My favorite is the Sharpie Pen. You can read a great review about it here.

What's your favorite pen? Why?


  1. A sharpie eh? I started using fountain pens exclusively almost 2 years ago when I started to develop carpal tunnel. I typically like a fine point and the fountain pens come in any nib size you prefer. I recently became a fan of the cursive italic nib because it really improves the look of my handwriting.

  2. Sharpie review linky no worky Sis!

    I love Sharpie pens too, but my favorite pens are Sakura Microns because they are archival and resist everything from water to solvents. Awesome review of archival pens here:

    I also love Staedtler Triplus Fineliners because the colors are awesome, but they are not archival. :(

    When I'm out and about I use my Bic 4 color pens in classic colors (black/ blue/ red/ green) and Brights (see here: so that I have 8 colors available for all my color-coding on the go!

    I know a lot of fountain-pen users but I've never tried one myself. They seem fiddly and honestly the effort would be wasted on me because my handwriting is shite. With nice penmanship a fountain pen is probably exquisite.

  3. I meant to add that when I do a lot of writing (like in my journal or taking notes) I like to use a PaperMate refillable click ballpoint pen. I bought my first one in college because I remember Mom used them, and liked it so much I bought 3 more. I've been using those same four pens (refilled many times) for the past 20 years. This indicates two major things: 1) That I am Old, and 2) That after moving 26 times in 20 years and I've not lost these pens, I obviously really like them and use them all the time!! When I use a Filofax, one of these PaperMate ballpoints is in the pen loop.

  4. A few pens I like are the Pilot G2 07, Liquid Flair (xfine), and the Pilot Precise Rolling ball (xfine). The Frixion by Pilot, erasable, is pretty f**king amazing. On my desk, I have limited myself to two pen holders - one of which is exclusively devoted to Sharpies. :) I could go on, obviously. I'm passionate about pens!