Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 10: One Less Thing to Remember

One Less Thing to Remember
Here’s another reason why my iPhone is my Valentine: the reminder feature associated with my To Do list. I rely heavily on my iPhone as a source to dump all those loose ends into my To Do list, but I also depend on it to tell me WHEN to do all those loose ends. By setting up GPS locations associated with my job, my house, or anywhere else I want, I can set my To Do list to remind me of a task as I’m leaving a specific location or when I arrive at a specific location. For example, today after I leave work, I need to stop by the store and pick up cupcakes for my son’s Valentine’s Day party they’re having at his daycare. But, knowing me, my brain will go onto auto-pilot as soon as I get into the car, and about the time I am pulling up to the daycare today, I’ll think to myself, “Dang it! I meant to stop and get cupcakes first!” Guess what? That’s NOT going to happen today, because when I set up the To Do item of “pick up cupcakes,” I went into the Remind Me tab, selected “ At a Location,” entered into the location (my current location/my job), and then selected “When I Leave.” So now, as I’m driving away from my job, my phone will remind me to go pick up cupcakes! Ok, here’s the other cool side of that. If I want to remember to call my sister as soon as I get home, I can type “Call Sis” in my To Do list, select “At a Location,” make the location my house, and then select “When I Arrive.” So, when I pull into my garage, my phone will remind me to call my sister! Does this freak you out or make you feel relieved that once you set it up, you would have one less thing to remember?

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  1. I did not know I could do that with my iPhone...I must investigate immediately! Thanks for the tip :) x