Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 4: Why Did I Wait So Long?

Day 4: Why Did I Wait So Long?
So, I completely abandoned my blog almost as immediately as I started it. But, I guess with good reason. I didn’t really need to vent for a while, plus the day after my last blog would’ve been my 6th year wedding anniversary, except for the fact that I got a divorce 3 years ago. So, it kind of put me out of the blogging mood. But, here I am, 3 months later, ready to blog it up again!
A lot has changed since Day 3. I met a man at the Dallas Love Field airport, (Yes, that’s right – LOVE field) in the terminal. I was heading back to the city that I live in. He was doing the same. Although, he said he was INTIMIDATED by me (there we go again!), and he thought I lived in Dallas, based on how I look, he struck up a conversation with me in the terminal that lasted while we boarded, during the airplane ride and throughout the evening – which later turned into our first date! Needless to say, it’s been a couple of months, and we’re extremely happy together. Finally, I’ve met a man that is a REAL man. A man that might have been afraid to talk to me, but didn’t let his fear hold him back. A man that can take care of his kids, fix a water heater, and ask me “what’s wrong?” and actually listen to me when I tell him.
It feels so good. Of course, nothing’s perfect, and fairytales only live in story books, so I’m not living with my head in the clouds. But, the high level of honesty and communication that we have between the two of us makes me think that this could really work out.
Plus, I’ve matured enough to know that no one is perfect. It’s hard to convince yourself that no one’s perfect when “The One” is always entitled “Mr. Perfect.” I don’t think “Mr. Perfect” exists, but I think “Mr. Partner” exists… the one that will be a partner and have my back, just as I will have his. I think I found my partner, and although we both have flaws, I think we make an excellent team.
There will be struggles ahead of us though, since our relationship, is actually the beginning stages of a mixed family. A very mixed family. A variety of ages, genders, and interests. I predict a challenging transition period, but with the end result of a big, loving family.
Big families are always fascinating to me. They are full of big love and sometimes big drama, but the energy is always beautiful. I’m bringing in the smaller portion of the family, so I just hope that the bond between my piece of the pie and the larger piece is strengthened every day. I love everyone involved, and it seems so far that they love us back. It’s still too early to tell, but I like how it’s all going, and I hope that it continues to grow into something deeper and stronger every day.