Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 17: An Alternative Perspective to the Movie "Princesas"

I watched the movie Princesas last night, and I have a different perspective of the movie that I wanted to share and discuss. I would LOVE to hear your comments, feedback, and opinions about this movie!

Watch the movie again with the perspective that Zulema is Caye's mom, as a young woman, before she had Caye but after she had Caye's brother. This also means that in the movie, Zulema's son is actually Caye's brother. It's not exactly time travel... more like Caye and her mother being the same age at the same time.

Now, based on this theory, take a look at some of the impactful quotes in the movie from this new perspective.

Caye: "The worst thing isn't that there would be nothing after death. The worst thing would be if there was another life. Another life like this one. "

Another life like this one... Caye was reliving the life of her mother's, working as a prostitute. Something worse than death. Coincidentally, Zulema's presence was the pivotal point in Caye's life that speared her towards change and actions that turned her life around.

Caye: Can you feel nostalgic over something that hasn't happened yet? Because sometimes I do. I sometimes imagine how things will turn out, with boys, for example, or life in general. And I feel sad when I remember how nice they were going to be, because they were going to be beautiful, really beautiful. Then I get nostalgic when I remember. Because they were going to be so beautiful. And when I realize they haven't happened yet and that they might never happen, I get really sad. 

Can you feel nostalgic over something that hasn't happened yet... If Zulema is the younger version of Caye's mom, living in a parallel existence, then Zulema is building a friendship with her grown daughter, during a time in her life that her daughter doesn't yet exist. That's one way to feel nostalgic over something that hasn't happened yet!

  1. Caye (to Zulema): We exist because someone thinks about us, not vice versa.

Caye's mom (to Caye): We exist because someone thinks about us, not vice versa. Someone said that. I don't remember who. Someone wise.

Caye says this to Zulema (keeping the perspective that Zulema is young Caye's mom) and as an older lady, Caye's mom says it to Caye and tells her that "someone wise" said it to her. That "someone wise" was Caye herself.

When talking about Zulema leaving...

Caye: She couldn't take it anymore. She couldn't. She was a whore. and she couldn't take it anymore. And, she had some guy after her. Some asshole who had it in for her, so she left. She wanted to be with her family.

Did Caye's mom leave Caye's dad so that she and her children could have a better life? A life outside of abuse and prostitution? OR, is Zulema's abuser Caye's father. Perhaps Zulema got pregnant with Caye when she was attempting to infect her abuser (with what is presumably HIV).

Caye's Brother: How did you meet her (Zulema)?

Caye: Once I took her to the hospital. The guy had beat her up. Until today. Until today.

Did Caye take her mom to the hospital after her Dad beat up her mom?

Is Caye's mom finally released from the emotional torment of Caye's father? Is that why the flowers stopped coming to Caye's mom?

And speaking of flowers... Did her mom send flowers to herself in order to mask the pain of being a prostitute in her past? Just like Caye fantasized about the simple act of love of her man picking her up from work, perhaps Caye's mother always fantasized about receiving flowers. 

Regarding the ending of the movie, I have a LOT of questions!

Why does Caye tell her mom to answer the phone? And why is she crying when she tells her mom to answer it? Also, that long, dramatic gaze directly into the camera is emphasizing the importance of this call.

What IS the importance of this call??Is Caye done with prostitution? Was it Manuel calling?Is it because Caye's mom always said it was Caye's dad and it always really was?

Leave your opinions and interpretations in the comments below. I would love to hear them!!!

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